Unplugged Weddings|Des Moines Wedding Photographer

As a Des Moines photographer, one of the things that I have started seeing over the years is guests with phones and ipads. Many times during ceremonies photographers are given strict rules as to where we can be, what we can do. Personally, I also try to be as unobtrusive and respectful of the ceremony. I don’t want to take away from the sacred beauty of the two people becoming one. I love weddings! I get sad however when I see guests being distracted by their tech, not being engaged in the ceremony. Guests who mean well, but get in the way of the photographer trying to do their job. Which is to capture this most beautiful moment. Ask any wedding photographer and they will tell you that they have seen grooms getting blocked from viewing their bride by a guest taking photos with a phone, or the photographer’s shot being blocked. Etc. It is honestly becoming ridiculous that we even have to address this issue at all! Please put away the ipads, the phones, the cameras, and be in the moment. Enjoy the people you love as they pledge their love to each other. Couples, Please advise your guests to have their tech turned off during your ceremony. Let the professional handle the photos, and live in the moment.

With so much love,

-KaraDes Moines Wedding Photographer