When you are around wedding professionals all the time, (DJ, florist, photographers, planners) you tend to pick up things. I pretty much know all the go to songs that are popular at weddings. You may find me singing a long quietly to myself.


One of the best things I’ve learned was how to pin on a boutineer correctly. You won’t believe how delicate those little boogers can be and after all the hugs after a ceremony you want to make sure you do what you can to keep it on. Most florists will offer to pin them for you. Although, if you are trying to cut costs and want to do it your self or have someone special (mom) do it for you, it is important to know how. Pinning it incorrectly can sever the flower head off the stem! I’ve seen it happen several times.


So how do you pin those things on? Well you never want to pin across. NEVER! Always put the pin in down through the flower and the suit coat lapel. If you happen to have 2 pins then the second pin goes straight up.


Good Luck! and happy pinning!