Changes are always hard. I am not always good with change because, well it’s change. It is an adjustment and takes time to get used to. My family and I recently relocated to Iowa. I have always loved Iowa. It holds very dear times to me. It is where I meet my husband, where we got married and it is where we have family and friends that are very special to us. but, as it always is, hard to leave a place where you have had good memories. In Wisconsin our home, or really more of a townhouse was not a special place. It was meant to be a temporary home while we were newlyweds but we ended up living there for 4 years. The building was just a building but it housed the special memories we made as a new family, and those were hard to leave behind. Now that we are settling into our new town in Iowa and in a new temp house while we try to find a home where we can build more memories, it feels a little better. Realistically I know not to be too sad about relocating because we are up in Minnesota/Wisconsin so much anyways being sad about leaving is kind of silly. Anyways, I am excited and enjoying the change of pace to being able to spend more time with my son, and more time in my own business.

In other news, I am in the midst of re designing my website and doing a refresh of  the design. I will be posting a few images here and there but until the design is finished you can see more current work on my facebook. 



I am also going to be transferring my personal blog here. As it makes more sense for me to have everything in one place.