Mother’s Day Weekend

I am so glad we are now settled in our new house. Did I mention we bought our first home?! I finally have all my kitchen things and it has been so nice to cook good meals for my family again. We went to the farmer’s market this weekend and basically got all our groceries for… Read more.

Spring is Here!

Happy Spring you guys! While it is still a bit chilly coming up I seriously can’t wait to bust out all my dresses and tights. This month I’ve been prepping for the bridal show. I.E. getting my portfolio ready and printing off my work. I am getting pretty excited. As with any girl I am… Read more.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

Years ago I worked at Anthropologie during my college years. For anyone who has ever been in one of those stores, I don’t need to tell you how dreamy it is! (Oh how I miss that store discount!) I always thought the company should start selling wedding accessories. Low and behold they opened a new… Read more.

What a photographer’s wedding time line looks like.

Des Moines Photographer|kara vorwald Photography

Wedding Time Line|Des Moines Photographer It is here! Your wedding day! You’ve spent months planning it but what really happens on the photography end? Usually as a Des Moines photographer I always like to ask couples about their time lines? When are you planning the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, dancing? All these things are so important to… Read more.

Looking for New Assistants

    Hello! It’s a brand new year and a brand new wedding season. I am looking for a couple of assistants to add to my contact list. If you would like to second shoot at a wedding please email me your portfolio and list of your gear to kawarrasaurus at gmail dot com Thanks!

Weekly Happenings from Instagram

Des Moines Photographer|kara vorwald Photography

A few snippets from our week. My son and I spent most of the first half of the week hunkered down at home from the freezing temps. We enjoyed some home made pizza! We also got to spend time with good friends watching the soccer game. My son was over joyous to find balloons at… Read more.

How to pin on a boutineer.

When you are around wedding professionals all the time, (DJ, florist, photographers, planners) you tend to pick up things. I pretty much know all the go to songs that are popular at weddings. You may find me singing a long quietly to myself.   One of the best things I’ve learned was how to pin… Read more.

Tips when looking for a wedding photographer

Des Moines Photographer|kara vorwald Photography

Chealsea glides down the stairs of the mansion, her gown flowing with the way she walks. She picks up the card on the windowsill that her fiance wrote to her. As she reads it her eyes shimmer with tears and her whole being radiates with a smile. I stand across from her capturing the moment… Read more.

Current Happenings

Changes are always hard. I am not always good with change because, well it’s change. It is an adjustment and takes time to get used to. My family and I recently relocated to Iowa. I have always loved Iowa. It holds very dear times to me. It is where I meet my husband, where we… Read more.

Is it Spring Yet?

My family and I are more than ready for more gorgeous weather. As much as we try to enjoy being out doors even with colder temperatures I will be happy for that green grass. April has come and so has the wedding season. We have two weddings this month rolling into 5 weddings in May. Come… Read more.