Des Moines Photographer| Kara Vorwald


Hello, I am Kara Vorwald. Although I am a wonderer, for now I am based in Des Moines Iowa. I travel throughout the midwest and beyond! (especially anywhere warm during the winter months.) I am a mamma to 3 of the wildest free kids. A wife to an amazing creative husband. If I am not creating something I feel like I would burst over. So I am usually found knitting, baking, quilting, painting or something similar when I am not busy taking photos. I love being a photographer and capturing special moments and memories for others.

I specialize in wedding & portrait photography. I will cry at your wedding as you say I do, and when your dad starts crying so will I. I will hold your train as you walk through the woods with me and capture the moments that mean the most to you on this day. I will capture the little toes and hands of your newborn as they cling to yours. I will make sure you have a photo of your toddlers mass of curls as they snuggle into you momma and whisper in your ear. When your kids are older we will dance together and play in the creek beds. And when they are grown young adults we will capture that moment when you hold them in your arms wrapped in hugs. Those are treasures.


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